URI International Pharmacy Conference - Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Global Perspectives

Date September 28 - September 30, 2012
Time Consult Program Schedule
Location URI Kingston Campus
Location 2 College of Pharmacy
Address Line 1 7 Greenhouse Road
Address Line 2
City Kingston
State RI
Postal Code 02881
Phone Number 401-874-2014
Contact Name Paula Santos
Contact Email Address psantos@advance.uri.edu
Website http://www.uri.edu/pharmacy/frontiers/2012/index.html

Fall 2012 will bring leading pharmaceutical scientists and researchers from around the globe to do some big thinking at the University of Rhode Island. If you are a scientist, researcher, educator, or student in the area of drug discovery and development, you won't want to miss this opportunity to learn and network with some of most prominent names in the field.

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Seating in each session is limited. Please indicate a 1 next to each session you plan on attending to reserve space. There is no additional charge for these events.

Track 1 – Drug Discovery Saturday
8:45am - Iqbal Choudhary, Nature's Chemical Diversity Role in Drug Discovery and Development
9:30am - Ahmed Kamal, Challenges in the Development of Pyrrolobenzodiazepines as Anti-tumor Antibiotics
10:30am - Francisco Tomás-Barberán, Natural Product Derived Gut Microbacteria Metabolites as Potential Drugs: The Case of Urolithins Dep
11:30am - Hermann Wätzig, Proteomics and Interactomics in Drug Discovery or Drug Development
1:30pm - KEYNOTE: Tej P. Singh, 1. Drug Discovery: Structure and Action of Bacterial Resistance Free Novel Protein Antibiotic-PGRP-S, 2.
2:30pm - Young-Joon Surh, Phytopharmaceuticals: from Discovery to Therapeutic Applications
3:30pm - Mahesh Lakshman, Synthesis of Azidopurine Nucleosides and their Ligation Reactions with Alkynes: Towards New Potential Pharmacol
4:15pm - Wenhan Lin, Professor, Chemical Diversity and the Bioactive Compounds from Marine Invertebrates Inhabited in South China Sea
Track 2 - Drug Development Saturday
8:45am - Chandra Prakash, The Strategies for Minimization of Bioactivation Potential in Drug Discovery and Development.
9:30am - Brian Houston, Predictive Hepatocellular Activity: Cornerstone for PBPK Modeling.
10:30am - Tommy B. Andersson,The Evolution of CYP Induction Models to Support Drug Development
11:15am - Karthik Venkatakrishnan, Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs) in the Development of Anticancer Drugs: Strategies for Risk Assessment, M
1:30pm - KEYNOTE: Yuichi Sugiyama, Transporters: Clinical Relevance and IVIVE in Drug Discovery
2:30pm - Matthias Schwab, Pharmacogenomics of Uptake Transporters and Clinical Implications
3:30pm - Richard Lalonde, Modeling and Simulation in Clinical Drug Development
4:15pm - Paravin Chaturvedi, Drug Development from the Prospect of Small Biotech Companies
Track 1 – Drug Discovery Sunday
10:15am - KEYNOTE: Jhillu Singh Yadav, Natural Product Synthesis for Drug Discovery
11:00am - Zhong Chen, Effect of Histamine and its Receptors on Brain Ischemia and Designing Histamine 3 Antagonists
1:00pm - Anil Kumar, Synthesis and Evaluation of Quebecol
1:30pm - Akhilesh K. Verma, Electrophilic Cyclization of Alkynes: A Modern Tool for the Synthesis of Small Heterocyclic Molecules of Phar
2:00pm - Ashok Prasad, Glucose to Modified Nucleosides and Sugar PEG Based Co-Polymer for Drug Delivery Applications
2:30pm - Sunil Sharma, Ammonium Derivatives of Chromenones and Quinolinones as Lead Antimicrobial Agents
Track 2 - Drug Development Sunday
10:15am - Yuichi Sugiyama, Effective Use of Microdosing and PET Studies in New Drug Development: Quantitative Evaluation of In Vivo Functi
11:00am - Ronald N. Hines, Pharmacological Challenges During Early Life Stages
1:00pm - Terry Smolarek, Ethnic Differences in Pharmacokinetics
1:30pm - Vincent Pichette, Impact of Kidney Disease on Drug Metabolism and Transport
2:00pm - David J. Greenblatt, Altered Drug Disposition and Response in Old Age: Experimental and Clinical Models
3:30pm - Annie De Groot, Is there no Balm in Bamako, Mali? Keeping Drug Vaccine Development and Vaccine Development in Perspective
Special Events and Meals Friday
5:00pm - Welcome Reception, Hors D’oeuvres and cash bar
6:00pm - KEYNOTE: Chad Mirkin, Spherical Nucleic Acid (SNA) Nanostructures: A New Platform for Intracellular Gene Regulation
Special Events and Meals Saturday
7:30am - Continental Breakfast
Noon - Lunch
5:15pm - Poster Session Reception
6:30pm - KEYNOTE: Dinner & Christopher Walsh, Prospects for New Antibiotics: A Molecule-Centered Perspective
Special Events and Meals Sunday
7:30am - Continental Breakfast
9:00am - KEYNOTE: Nobel Laureate Thomas Steitz
11:45am - Lunch
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